Over 100 miles of track between North Naples and Arcadia, as well as, between Oneco (Bradenton) and Sarasota.
SGLR Rail System Map

Vital Supply Chain Solutions

SGLR hauls much of the region's lumber, building materials, stone, LP gas, plastics, steel, recycled materials, and other bulk commodities.
SGLR Freight Solutions Handout

Industrial Development

SGLR assists clients with industrial development opportunities in South Florida.

Railcar Fleet

The railroad owns and manages a fleet of railcars rolling throughout North America.

Cold Storage and Supply Chain Logistics

Seminole Gulf's related companies provide regional trucking and logistical services, as well as warehousing and distribution from its frozen, refrigerated food and dry goods distribution centers located in Miami, North Fort Myers and Lakeland.

The Dinner Train

A unique dining experience in Fort Myers, FL since 1991. Make your reservations today.

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